The $10 million Switching on Darwin project is funded by $5 million from the Australian Government and $2.5 million each from the City of Darwin and the Northern Territory Government.

The project will position Darwin as one of Australia’s leading Smart Cities and support a collaborative, inclusive and connected community. The cutting edge technology infrastructure will be the catalyst for innovative partnerships and test new technologies to enable a safe, vibrant, flexible lifestyle. It will improve environmental sustainability and accelerate place making activities to emphasise the rich culture of the City.

What We Are Doing

The smart infrastructure is built on interoperable open standards, open data, and a unique suite of smart technologies including intelligent lighting, multi-tier communication networks, community apps & amenity enhancing solutions. The project will rejuvenate the City Centre and serve as a pilot for expansion of smart technology across the municipality, the Northern Territory and Australia.

This project is being led by the City of Darwin.

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Key Features

Key deliverables of the project include:

  • cutting edge lighting controls;
  • HD CCTV with video analytics;
  • community apps,
  • an expanded Wi-Fi network;
  • a suite of sensors including noise, movement, emissions, humidity, light, traffic and people counting


The project commenced in February 2018 and will be completed in May 2019.